Greek dancing in the office

Much is being written at the moment about how people working from home during present times are missing out on the social interaction of working in the office.

I agree.

Its actually a while since I regularly worked in an office as I now work for an International employer headquartered in Germany, but am home based in the UK (irrespective of Covid etc.)

But back in the 1980’s (yes, I know its unbelievable I was even at work then and not at nursery school, or even just a twinkle in the eye of my parents!) I worked in an office of a small Greek Travel Company of about fifteen people above a fashion retailer in London’s trendy South Moulton Street in the West End.

London has a large Greek, mostly Greek Cypriot community and many of my colleagues were from there. It was a young and fun place to work and in fact probably some of my happiest working days were at that company as we had a great post work social life there as we really were minutes from everything in the West End.

Anyway one of my colleagues Maria was getting married and we were all invited to the wedding …but a prerequisite …we had to participate fully in the dancing at the reception of this huge event. And when I say huge, I really mean huge! So at lunchtime every day for two weeks before the wedding another colleague Georgia would teach us Greek dancing in our tiny little kitchen/staff room. Well, we learnt the basics and didn’t disgrace ourselves totally at the wedding….such fun times.

Well my career in travel and aviation has taken me back to Greece many times over the years and much as I don’t have a professional need of those skills that I learnt (I think…) , I always feel so at home when I hear the music in Tavernas and restaurants. Ευχαριστώ Georgia !

So employers and leaders, never forget the value of office life…when it can be safely provided!

Author: tockwith

Enjoying doing a short, light hearted blog most weekends. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

3 thoughts on “Greek dancing in the office”

  1. I started working in offices in the 1980s, in Oil Capital of Europe Aberdeen, and what a hoot we had. Never a week went by without some social event or other being organised and as the average age in our team was 28, the days flew by as we were all young and keen. A few holidays to Greece even came out of that time.

    Working from home just isn’t the same despite being able to wear your comfy clothes and stop for coffee whenever you feel like it. My 20-something daughter has never know a time when work was where you met your future best friends and perhaps even your future significant other. She and most of her generation are currently holed up in their bedrooms tied to their screens, working, studying, socialising – So sad.

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    1. Yes, I really feel for the next generation that they are missing out on so much..not material things, but people related stuff. Glad you liked my post… I make an effort every week to post something light hearted , cheerful and an easy read. Declan

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      1. They are indeed. Light-hearted, cheerful and an easy read is a great way to go. I used to be the same but I’ve ended up veering towards the heavy and morose this year with all that’s been happening – Trying hard to get back to basics though.

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