Halloween?…lets put up the Christmas Tree and buy Creme eggs

It was Halloween this week.

I can tell that as I walked past a hairdressers (not mine) and they had Christmas decorations on display.

There was a time in the UK where everything was celebrated sequentially. Following Halloween, Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night on the 5th November was indeed celebrated on that day..not as now when there is a two week free-for-all of fireworks on either side of this date and the national debt of a small country is literally up in smoke every night.

Christmas then follows after that with Christmas lights in town centres appearing around the same time as store displays and then domestic trees and decorations following a few weeks later at a respectable two week lead up to Christmas.

But now all restraint is out the window and from November Christmas advertising abounds with decorations, countless Father Christmas to meet and greet and non stop Festive muzak.

I really am not convinced it generates more sales and for the sales assistants who have to listen to Best of Christmas Hits compilation on a continuous loop must hope that they never, ever hear Roy Wood’s “I wish it could be Christmas every day” at all ever again.

And just for good measure, we in the UK now have an election. Interspersed with Christmas music, we will from this point have a constant bombardment of party political messages.

Happy days!

On yes, I nearly forgot….Cadburys creme eggs…a seasonal item for Easter but usually is back on sale from Christmas onwards….An acquired taste you will love them or hate them!

Once these are on the scene it marks the advance party of all things chocolate for Easter!

Happy 2nd November everyone…just enjoy each day for what it is live in the moment!

Author: tockwith

Enjoying doing a short, light hearted blog most weekends. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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