With apologies to Kacey Musgraves

It was pointed out to me today that my blog has the same title as an album track of Kacey Musgraves.

Ooops, if anyone has come to this blog in search of info on the Multi Grammy Award winning , top billing country artist Kacey Musgraves…then you are in the wrong place.

But I expect you have worked that out already.

Thanks for dropping by anyway, say hello to Kacey for me.

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Ok Google, leave me alone!

Sometimes Google you are annoying. I frequently use a walking route where it seems there is a house offering guitar lessons. Google always wants to know how was my lesson or at least what did I think of Fred Bloggs guitar school. Actually it’s not actually called Fred Bloggs but understandably I dont want to promote a stranger who maybe is Eric Clapton or maybe just Eric axe murderer and con artist luring in passers by.

And it could be worse…I could be passing dwellings where other lessons are offered. I think the ‘double-entendre’ of ‘French Lessons available ‘ here as seen on cards by flat doors in Soho in the swinging 60′ s is obvious enough that it requires no further explanation! Try explaining that question from Google to your loved ones.

I get this too for every place of transport …’how was Manchester Piccadilly station?’ Fine thanks..it was full of people and trains.

Before you all say..but just turn off location settings or whatever..doing this and actually I may lose features genuinely useful to me. So come on Google let me live in a world of guidance but not constant questioning. And before you ask …yes I did visit my living room this morning. It was fine, and no I don’t want to write a review’

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Race for Life

It’s Race for Life day today in my local park.Today will see 500 or more Woman and girls walk or run for this nationwide Cancer research fundraiser.For those reading this outside the UK, these events happen on various dates across the UK and are very inclusive. You will find runners of every ability and none. Actually it really doesn’t matter…it’s about being there and supporting the charity, and sadly for many marking their commitment for those that have been lost to cancer.We live in such divided times in the UK at the moment. We have embittered remainers and leavers, those fiercely pro-government and anti-government, and most sadly ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.Today at least for these people, that is forgotten .We need more of these days.Enjoying these posts? Please like, subscribe if you want to get notifications of new posts and share on your social media platforms using the buttons.

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