Shiny, happy people – REM

I never really knew what the song was about…but its fun and the music video that REM carefully crafted seems to make good use of a children’s tv programme set, a box of old clothes and a man cycling on a bike that goes nowhere. I love this song but I don’t really know why. 33 Million people have watched it on You Tube so I guess they like it too. Have a search for it and a listen if you are too young to recall 1991 !

So what is the relevance to this post – actually not a lot, other than the song title. I only have gone down this track because of a chance conversation with someone who I think of also as one of life’s Shiny, Happy People in more ways than one. Jess is an aspiring nail artist – I met her professionally but to put minds at rest, it wasn’t because I needed my nails doing, but at one of the other roles she has an equal talent for in the world of marketing. Funnily enough though Jess is not the first nail designer I ever met – a few weeks earlier I met someone who travels the world to paint (and I am grossly underselling it by using the word paint) the nails of the worlds top magazine models . But back to Jess , it is she tells me a tough and competitive world out there for nail design – even when you are a shiny and happy person with an instagram page to match. (User name is root_to_beauty) She asked me to refer her to my friends and contacts so here it is. She is based in London, but I guess if you live in New York, Paris or Milan and willing to pay her air fare she is open to offers!!!

Author: tockwith

Enjoying doing a short, light hearted blog most weekends. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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